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Tinderbox Outsourced Energy Management
Tinderbox Outsourced Energy Management

Tinderbox lets every business enjoy the benefits of an energy manager.

Energy has never been more expensive and energy management has never been more complex. Tinderbox Outsourced Energy Management brings expert energy managers to your business without the overheads. From procurement and energy efficiency to compliance and renewables, our professional energy managers can help at any stage of your energy journey.

How we work.

One of our experienced energy managers will work with you from day one, a single point of contact, expert in their field. We design flexible, affordable packages that work for you, delivered in-house or remotely. Whether it’s long term programmes or short term projects, use as much or as little of our expertise as you wish.

What we do.

We provide a complete energy service, starting by understanding your business priorities, your sector and your plans. We help set your energy strategy and understand your existing demand. We advise on procurement, efficiency, carbon and renewables. We establish monitoring and energy management systems. And we manage compliance, business case design & staff training.

A typical Tinderbox energy journey…

Phase One

The starting point for effective energy management is knowing where you are and where you want to get to. Your energy manager will help with setting energy priorities against your wider business plans.


  • Understand your business priorities – a review of your current energy usage and costs, regulatory obligations, planned organisational changes and sector-specifc factors
  • Energy Audit – to identify, quantify and prioritise opportunities to reduce energy costs
  • Energy Strategy – A working document setting out how your business will manage its energy. From here, we’ll create a delivery plan which targets your company’s whole energy story, from procurement, finance and compliance, to monitoring, operation and training
  • Benchmark – to assess your energy demand within your sector, location and competitors

Phase Two

Energy is not a fixed overhead. We’ll reduce the energy demand of your systems, people and products through smarter buying and usage. We’ll look at longer-term planning and investments, building compelling business cases, and driving forward energy-efficient project design.


  • Energy Procurement – unlocking savings in energy buying through better tariffs, fixed/flexible contracts, improved credit terms, invoice validation and demand management opportunities
  • Energy Efficiency – driving energy savings in your buildings, products and processes, through more efficient use and retrofit of space heating, lighting, ventilation, air-conditioning, motors/drives, process heat, refrigeration, compressed air and IT equipment
  • Self Generation – reducing energy purchase costs through in-house energy generation using renewable technologies and Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

Phase Three

Increasing regulations and energy taxes create a new opportunity for businesses to get to grips with energy management. Your energy manager will ease your compliance journey. They’ll also make sure that you’re making the most of government incentives and ensure that your energy data is being put to good use.


Phase Four

Successful energy management requires a determined commitment to drive your new energy programme into business-as-usual. Your energy manager will be there to ensure that your business optimises the benefits of its energy initiatives and that your ongoing operation and maintenance programme delivers the best value from your investment.


  • Business Case – making a winning case for energy efficiency investments with appropriate financial metrics and methods, communicating the investment imperative and winning senior management buy-in
  • Financing Options – overcoming capital and budgetary restrictions with third-party financing options
  • Building Energy Management Systems – getting the best out of your BEMS – old or new – through smarter contracting, management and optimisation
  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M) – getting the most bang-for-your-buck from your assets and management practices, prolonging asset life and protecting your energy investments
  • Energy Management Training – giving your workforce the skills and understanding to maintain and build upon the energy efficiency gains you’ve made

Tinderbox Outsourced Energy Management for Business

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