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United Utilities is working with Tricarbon to help align its carbon target to a pace and scale consistent with limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C by 2050. 

The business already has ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets. Whilst planning to achieve a 50% reduction in emissions from their 2005/06 baseline by 2020, they actually achieved this early and bettered it, with their 2018/19 carbon emissions (167,856 tCO2e) coming in at 71% below the 2005/06 baseline.

A Net Zero target

However, United Utilities recognised that these existing targets were adequate to deliver emissions reductions commensurate with a 2°C global temperature rise. So, they want to improve on this and to align their emissions reductions plans to meet science-based, net zero aspirations as set out by the Science-Based Target Initiative. This requires a carbon target consistent with limiting a global temperature rise to 1.5°C by 2050.

Tricarbon continues to provide technical advisory and strategy services to United Utilities to manage the development and publication of this new target and associated milestones.

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