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We take a socially responsible and ethical approach to doing business, with a strong focus on environmental sustainability across our operations.

We buy our EKOenergy-certified electricity and gas through Green Energy UK. EKOenergy is an international ecolabel for electricity and gas. Electricity sold with the EKOenergy label fulfills strict environmental criteria and raises funds for new renewable energy projects all over the world. Our biomethane gas is sourced only from agricultural or forestry waste.

We calculate our greenhouse gas emissions annually and make an equivalent donation to fund woodland creation through The Woodland Trust.

We recycle all office waste that can be recycled, including food, glass, metal, paper/card, plastics and printer cartridges. We use 100% recycled copier paper and we have retrofitted our premises with LED lighting throughout. Our web hosting is provided by 34SP, a local business with a Manchester data centre powered by 100% renewable electricity.

We use public transport and cycling wherever possible.

We contribute pro-bono skills to a number of organisations, including Manchester Climate Change Partnership, Greater Manchester Poverty Commission and Greater Manchester Community Renewables. We support staff with time off to attend voluntary positions, such as school governors.

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