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Government consults on energy and carbon reporting

Streamlined Energy and Carbon ReportingIt’s consultation time once again for energy and carbon reporting. Government are now gathering views on how to simplify the reporting framework for energy and carbon under the Companies Act 2006.

In particular, the reforms are looking to cut the administrative burden brought about by schemes like the CRC, which have taken a lot of flack for being too complex and time-consuming. The reporting aspects of the CRC will be scrapped at the completion of the 2018/19 compliance year, possibly to be replaced by an enhanced Climate Change Levy.

The consultation is also looking to bring mandatory annual reporting of energy and carbon information into Company Accounts, whilst also wanting to understand how the second phase of ESOS could transform awareness of energy efficiency into genuine action.

On the Road

Government are running some roadshow events around the country between now and the closure of the consultation on 4th January 2018. All the documents, dates and venues here:

Whilst you’re here, have a look at some of our past carbon and energy reporting projects.

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