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Listen up: Energy is not a fixed cost, but knowing exactly where your business uses energy is key to delivering real cost reductions. The only way to achieve this is through an energy audit, a systematic and methodological approach to identity and quantify the benefit of energy savings.

High standards

Tricarbon designs and conducts audits to meet the requirements of the global ISO 50002 standard and the European standard, EN 16247.

Our experienced auditors meet the competency requirements of PAS 51215 and can assist your business in improving energy efficiency in buildings, processes, products and transport.

Energy Audit

A bespoke approach

If an energy audit is going to drive improvements in your business, it must be high-quality, transparent and comprehensive. We design each of our energy audits to meet the specific scope, boundaries and objectives demanded by your organisation and its business priorities.

Get in touch to learn how energy audits can shrink your energy costs.

Did you know Tricarbon conducts ESOS audits?

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